Smile Naturally With Swiss Denture Concept

Many denture products available today are comfortable, aesthetically pleasing and good value for money. But if you dream of a denture so perfectly matched you can’t tell where your natural teeth end and your denture begins – there is another option. Swiss Denture Concept dentures are incredibly comfortable, and they look so natural they are virtually undetectable.

Custom Mouthguards Are The Safest Choice

Football season is just around the corner and now is the time to prepare. You’ll need more just shiny new boots and shin guards. A mouthguard is essential for adults and children who play many winter sports and may prevent life-changing injuries. Here are a few ways that they protect you: May help reduce concussion Protects against soft tissue injuries Protects against jaw joint injuries Cushions teeth against impact Helps prevent neck and jaw injuries But not all mouthguards are the same. More people are choosing custom mouthguards, as there is a growing trend in injuries sustained by people who wear the inadequate ‘boil and bite’ style. A custom mouthguard is fitted and manufactured by a knowledgeable and experienced dental professional. They reduce the chance of common injuries such as jaw fracture and dislocation; tooth loss and chipping. You can choose from three types of mouthguard: junior (light); professional (medium); elite (heavy). We consider which type of sport you play, and at what level, to determine the type we recommend for your needs. Why choose a custom mouthguard? Because only a ‘custom-fit’ mouthguard offers the best comfort and protection against…

Do you need an allergy-free denture?

Denture allergies and sensitivities can be painful and frustrating. Modern advancements with denture materials now mean that comfortable dentures are a real option, even if you suffer from irritation to acrylic dentures or metal alloys.

Swiss Denture Concept: A cut above the rest

Revolutionary materials and groundbreaking techniques are all part of the rapid advances being made in dental technology. Gone are the days of artificial looking and uncomfortable dentures. Today, patients can expect a denture that’s comfortable, natural looking and allows them to live life to the fullest. If you’re looking for the highest quality denture solution available, then a Swiss Denture Concept denture is your answer. Leading Swiss dental manufacturer, Candulor, have researched and developed dentures like no other.  Here are some of the reasons why: State-of-the-art materials Swiss Denture Concept dentures are manufactured using a high-grade material called NanoFilled Composite. This advanced material enables us to produce a high-strength denture with excellent abrasion resistance. It will last longer than any other denture and is superior in both function and durability. Fit with precision Your clinician will take a series of precise functional impressions and jaw joint registrations. Measurements are taken using advanced laboratory methods and equipment. The process takes some time so you’ll require few more appointments than usual. But, the result will be well worth it – your denture will fit seamlessly. No one will know you’re wearing it…

Relining Your Immediate Denture

You’ve had an immediate denture fitted. What next? The first 24-48 hours are important in the life of a new denture. Be sure to follow the care instructions provided as it will make your adjustment period easier. You’ll need to visit your clinician four or five days after the initial fitting to have your immediate denture relined.

What to Expect With an Immediate Denture

Having teeth removed is uncomfortable enough, without the added inconvenience of being without them. Fortunately, this is solved with an immediate denture – fitted directly after tooth extraction.

Denture Care Guidelines For the Best Oral Health

It’s true, plaque build-up on your denture can lead to gum irritation. Just as plaque collects on natural teeth, it builds up on dentures too. It’s different with dentures however as plaque hardens into calculus, harbours bacteria and irritates the gums.