Relining Your Immediate Denture

You’ve had an immediate denture fitted. What next? The first 24-48 hours are important in the life of a new denture. Be sure to follow the care instructions provided as it will make your adjustment period easier. You’ll need to visit your clinician four or five days after the initial fitting to have your immediate denture relined.

What is a reline?

A reline is the placement of a custom-moulded lining inside your denture that matches the natural contour of your gums. Your gum shape will change significantly in the two to four weeks following tooth extraction. Swelling reduces and existing teeth settle slightly. As this happens, your denture will fit differently. Some areas may gape while others may rub or become tight. A reline becomes necessary to regain a proper fit.

A simple four stage process

1. Your clinician will set a soft tissue conditioning material in the base of your denture. You must wear your denture with the liner for two weeks. Over this time, it will take an impression of your mouth as you eat, drink and speak as usual. It will also help your gums to heal.

2. On your return visit, your clinician will assess for gaps and add more soft tissue conditioner if required. You will need to wear your denture for a further two weeks.

3. Once your clinician is happy with the results, they’ll put a final light body wash onto the liner and ask you to bite, as they take a final impression. Then, the soft tissue conditioning lining will be removed and replaced with a new acrylic denture base.

4. It’s possible you will need a second reline after four to six months, depending on the number of teeth you’ve had removed. The more extractions you have, the greater the changes to gum shape over time.

Continuing care for your immediate denture will ensure your denture fit remains as comfortable as possible.