Smile Naturally With Swiss Denture Concept

Many denture products available today are comfortable, aesthetically pleasing and good value for money. But if you dream of a denture so perfectly matched you can’t tell where your natural teeth end and your denture begins – there is another option. Swiss Denture Concept dentures are incredibly comfortable, and they look so natural they are virtually undetectable.

Scientifically designed

Developed by Swiss prosthetics specialist, Candulor, and backed by extensive research, Swiss Denture Concept dentures combine function with aesthetics.

Based on the internationally proven principles of the late Prof. Dr. Albert Gerber, this state-of-the-art denture technique features a scientific set-up. Posterior teeth are placed in a position where they remain stable and balanced between the muscles of the cheeks, lips and tongue. The upper teeth work in a mortar and pestle action with the lower teeth, providing a greater level of comfort, particularly when eating.

Strong and durable

Denture teeth are made using an advanced material called NanoFilled Composite producing a remarkable likeness to natural teeth. The result is a high-strength denture with exceptional abrasion resistance. It will outlast every other denture on the market.

Aesthetically flawless

All Swiss Denture Concept practitioners must be exclusively trained by a master technician to maintain the highest quality and consistency. The fitting process takes longer than usual because of strict guidelines.

If you’re after a true-to-life looking denture – choose Swiss Denture Concept. For more information, contact us today.