Dental Fillings

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Dental fillings are where a tooth is either chipped, decayed or discoloured and requires a repair.

If a tooth that requires a filling is left untreated it is more prone to further damage, so it is highly recommended to have it checked. At our clinic we use tooth coloured filling materials to repair a tooth so that it blends in with the shade of your natural tooth and surrounding teeth.

Depending on the size of the decay or broken tooth will determine the length of your appointment. Most fillings can take up to 30 mins per filling where the dentist will clean the infected area by removing any decay in the tooth, the tooth is then prepped and restored.

If you are ever unsure whether you may need a filling it is always best to see your dentist to have the tooth professionally checked.

FAQ's & useful info about Dental Fillings

The cost of a dental filling can vary depending on the tooth, as well as the size and/or position of the cavity.

Please speak to our friendly staff today for more info. We also offer payment plans via AfterPay and ZIP Pay to ease any financial burden.

Very! If you leave a cavity unattended, it may turn into a much larger problem, possibly resulting in the loss of your tooth and requiring a much larger and costly process such as a root canal.

Getting your dental filling done while the cavity is in its early stages can prevent any more complex problems and keep your smile nice and bright!

The dental filling process generally takes anywhere between 20 minutes to an hour, depending on the location and the size or amount of cavities being treated.

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