Digital Dentures

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At Wisdom Denture and Dental Clinic, we offer the latest technology in the design of prosthetics. Digital dentures are the new modern approach to making precise fitting custom moulded dentures.

What are digital dentures?

Like any other denture, digital dentures are made using acrylic materials. This type of denture is designed to be a more precise fit and have longer durability rate.

How are digital dentures made?

Using a digital CAD/CAM software, digital dentures are designed and manufactured using measurements taken and entered into the computer software. This allows for no human error giving patients the freedom to speak and eat with greater confidence.

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FAQ's & useful info about Digital Dentures

Precision + accuracy

Using this state of the art technology, we can offer such high level accuracy when making your dentures to match your teeth and gums perfectly. This means a better fit, and more comfortable dentures for you.

Digital records

Because of the digital nature of the process, we are able to save your design/structure, allowing us to create spare sets of dentures if required, and in the case of lost or damaged dentures, we can quickly reproduce a replacement set and any given time.

Customizable to your liking

Everyone has different tastes, comforts and styles. The process of digital dentures also allows us to customise the look and feel of the dentures with certain colours and materials.


In a hurry? Not to worry – Digital dentures are much faster to produce than the traditional kind.

Everything 100% Australian made within our clinic

All our dental and denture products are produced onsite by us. No outsourcing, nothing foreign, just the best possible quality for our clients.

Experienced, qualified, friendly dental professionals

Not only are our team fully qualified and accredited, our years of dental experience is delivered to you with a smile.


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