Denture Reline

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Just as our bodies change with time, so do our mouths. When your denture was first fitted, your dental prosthetist invested time and care to get the fit just right. Over time however, your gum shape can change significantly. Gums recede, and teeth move ever so slightly.

Why you may need a denture reline

The speed of gum change depends on general health too as illness, medical care and medications can all affect your gums. The result is an ill-fitting denture that moves and causes pain.

Does your denture feel tight in places and loose in others?

Changes can be so small over time that it’s not always easy to remember the way your denture felt when it was first fitted. We recommend visiting us every six months for a clean, check and reline of your denture. We’ll place a custom-moulded lining inside your denture, and carefully match it to the natural contour of your gums. It’ll look and feel like new again.

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