Do you need an allergy-free denture?

Denture allergies and sensitivities can be painful and frustrating. Modern advancements with denture materials now mean that comfortable dentures are a real option, even if you suffer from irritation to acrylic dentures or metal alloys.

Vertex ThermoSens is one of the latest advancements in dental technology. It is an innovative monomer-free, rigid denture base material that offers revolutionary advantages for denture wearers. They’re more flexible than regular acrylic dentures as well. Whether you need to replace all your teeth or just a few, the result will be the same – an aesthetically pleasing denture that fits so well you forget it’s there.

Low allergy risk

Made without chrome or metal clips, a Vertex ThermoSens denture is suited to anyone with a sensitive mouth or with allergies to chemicals and acrylics. It is also fully biocompatible, made from unique thermoplastic material and free of liquid chemicals.

Thinner and lighter

The thinness of a Vertex Themosens denture means it will fit perfectly in your mouth. You’ll find it lightweight, comfortable and practically invisible.

Virtually unbreakable

One of the main features of this denture product is its durability. If you accidently drop or mishandle it while cleaning, it will absorb the impact and not break like an acrylic denture. In fact, this highly flexible, thermoplastic material is virtually unbreakable.

Aesthetically pleasing

Vertex ThermoSens is available in 12 different colours. It can be matched to suit your natural gum colour and will not discolour over time. It is a versatile solution, suitable for both full and partial dentures or for creating implants or splints.

You don’t need to put up with pain or discomfort from denture allergies any longer. If you’re after a low-irritant, lighter, thinner and stronger denture, talk to us today. Find out if Vertex ThermoSens is the right choice for you.